Commercial Doors
Commercial Fire Doors

We undertake the following alterations work to Fire Doors
for the commercial sector;

• Cutting Out Vision Panel Apertures and Fitting Vision Panel Bead
• Circular Vision Panels
• Grooving for Intumescent Fire Strips
• Cutting down doors, Re-Lipping and Rebating Door Sets
• Radius Edged Doors
• Laminating Doors

Along with this we can supply all the required Ironmongery;
• Lever Handles
• Locks (Master Suited and Digital Code Locks)
• Hinges
• Door Closers
• Kicking Plates  
• Georgian Wire Polished Plate Safety Glass

We will also fit pre-fit the ironmongery to the door and door frame at our factory in order that the complete package is fitted on site within the minimum time, ensuring little mess and inconvenience to our customers client.

Further to the above we are also pleased to offer the following NEW FIRE DOOR as featured below.

These doors feature a “Flush Faced Vision Panel” to both sides of the door, therefore they do not require Beading, the glass is enclosed in the Centre of the door and there is a clear plastic face to each side. The door is finished in laminate. Colours available are to British Standard RAL Code. Vision Panels can be to what ever size  required
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